our vision

As an entertainment collective who's primary focus is gaming and esports, we plan to additionally tackle the world of streetwear and lifestyle content creation.

  • creation

    Having come from a background of graphic design and Call of Duty esports, Delirium was founded by Smurfy, on BR title H1Z1. With plans of expansion into other esports and areas of gaming content creation.


    The Delirium brand is revived by close friends Smurfy and Ghoul. Ghoul leads the direction of Fortnite and takes Delirium to great levels of success alongside Liquid and Site.

  • COD: warzone

    Shortly after it's release we recognised the impact Warzone was having on esports and gaming entertainment. We knew it was now time for Delirium to expand into a familiar field and recruit some of the best competitors and streamers.

  • tournament victory

    Respected members of Delirium were able to win big. Taking home a first place finish in both a FNCS tournament (DL Justice) and a Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament, additionally placing 2nd in the World Series of Warzone. (DL Vapulear, DL Lenun & DL LouiCM)

  • new year, new plan

    Our attention right now is Call of Duty content creation and content driven esports. With plans of further expansion this year, ideally bridging the gap between casual and competitive gaming.

  • acquired by tape london

    Tape London join forces with Delirium as our new partner.

  • Delirium announces new co-owner and investor, Tape London

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  • partnership with ctrl

    Delirium become first european organisation to partner with CTRL

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    $1,600 Rebirth Customs tournament hosted by Delirium & Mina Mendes

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  • Team Delirium CEO targets Warzone esports to become UK powerhouse

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  • Delirium win $75,000 Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament

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  • How Team Delirium became the UK’s biggest COD Warzone organisation outside of the CDL

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Mina mendes

2021 saw Delirium welcome many new members, one of which being European model, Twitch streamer and Call of Duty tournament host, Mina Mendes. Throughout her time in the Warzone community, Mina has hosted some highly competitive tournaments with large cash prizes.